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This versatile pouch is a clutch, a makeup bag, a digital organizer and so much more. Elegant and simple with an upcycled flag exterior detailing and interior lining. The zippered top keeps things firmly inside.  Easily fits an iPad.

All Flagbarer pieces are made with upcycled Ottawa area flags that represent our rich history - from commemorative flags such as the 100 year anniversary of suffrage, 50 years of our Canadian flag to provincial flowers and animals.  Each is unique.  The Flagbarer line is designed, sewn and shipped out of our Ottawa headquarters.

Outer dimensions: 12.25" long x 8.25" high.  Outer: 100% cotton canvas, inner: upcycled nylon flag.  Outside detail: upcycled nylon flag.  Zipper: metal finish.  Each bag comes with an informative booklet sharing the Flagbarer story.

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